Azara Circuit Loop

Distancia: 52 km (in and out)
Difficulty: High.
Estimated time: 3 to 5 days

“From Lago Belgrano Overlook in the open landscape of the sub-Andean steppe, this trail traverses the ecotone from grasslands to Lenga forest found in the West. At the same time, it offers expansive views of the surrounding lakes and mountains.”

Difficulty: each section of the loop is of moderate difficulty but the entire CIRCUITO AZARA LOOP is of high difficulty due to the total distance and time required to complete it.

It is made up of the following sections:
Roca Azul Trail Section, Laguna Clara Trail Section, Laguna Islote Trail Section, Brazo Belgrano Trail Section.

The Azara Circuit Loop coincides in part with the Lago Belgrano Overlook loop, both routes can be combined.

The Azara Circuit loop begins in the Azara parking lot, (before it was called Puesto del 9), the trail coincides at its beginning with a part of the Lago Belgrano Overlook loop.

At 1.75 km it separates from the Lago Belgrano Overlook loop at the beginning of the Sendero Roca Azul Trail until reaching the Tucúquere hut and its 3 annex tent sites. From there, the Azara loop is made up of three sections of trail: Laguna Clara, Laguna Islote and Brazo Belgrano. About 800 meters from the Tucúquere hut is located the “El Arroyo” backcountry campsite with twelve tent sites, water access and two dry latrines.

La Angostura hut is located between the Laguna Islote and Brazo Belgrano sections (10 km from the Tucúquere hut). Between Brazo Belgrano and Laguna Clara sections is Azara hut (6 km from La Angostura hut). Azara Rapids are of singular beauty and there are access trails to three overlooks in the area. Huemules (Andean deer) have been seen in this zone. It is forbidden to
approach them or disturb them in any way.

Please be respectful and considerate when hiking through this pristine area.

Along the path there is access to viewpoints and beaches that make the route more interesting.


Roca Azul Trail
Distance: 9,8 km

Laguna Clara Trail
Distance: 11,2 km

Brazo Belgrano Trail
Distance: 6,0 km

Laguna Islote Trail
Distance: 10,0 km


Huts and campsites in Circuito Azara Loop

Azara hut


Capacity 6 people and 3 annex camping sites for 1-4 people