The Park has 10 huts (small cabins) strategically located for your comfort and enjoyment. Eight of them (all except Gilberto and Caleta Huala huts) have annex tent sites, tent sites located nearby for visitors who use the hut for meals but sleep in a tent.

The maximum length of stay in the huts is 2 nights, except for Kris and Doug Tompkins hut, which is up to 3 nights. During the day the huts are shared spaces, for use by all hikers. To sleep in a hut or annex tent site you must have a reservation. * All huts have basic dishes, cushions and a wood stove. Please clean the hut and dishes before you leave. The use of your own cooking stove is mandatory. Use the dry latrines and please help keep them clean. Regarding the use of the wood stove, remove ashes from stove before lighting a fire (never remove hot ashes), use only pre-cut firewood, do not collect wood from the surrounding areas. Please use firewood sparingly.

* Please respect others who could be resting, avoid making loud noises

There are 3 types of huts

Capacity for 4-6 people

Small size- “Original”
Huts Gilberto and Caleta Huala

Capacity for 3 people

Small size – “Modified”
Huts Playa Quetro, René Negro, Tucúquere and Kris & Doug Tompkins.

Capacity for 6 people

Bigger size
Huts Azara, La Angostura, Archipiélago and Dos Bahías.