Península Belgrano

Distance: 9,6 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time: 3 to 4 hours

Distance: 16,8 km
Difficulty: High
Estimated time: 5 to 9 hours

These trails have been designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, with huts and tent sites located a few kilometers from each other. The trails cross the gently undulating landscape of the Península Belgrano offering spectacular views of Lago Belgrano and the surrounding peaks. One of the most striking features of Lago Belgrano is its distinct color; the rivers which feed the lake start from glaciers and carry suspended particles which create the milky appearance.

The parking lot / trailhead is 9 km from the Onelli Information Center. Both circuits share the same beginning and end; the difference between them is that the Circuito Chico Loop crosses the center of the Peninsula (in a south to north direction), while the Circuito Grande Loop continues to the western edge of the Peninsula.

Within the Península Belgrano there are four huts, three of which have three annex tent sites. The Caleta Huala hut (without annex tent sites) is 800 m from the trailhead shared by both Circuito Chico and Grande Loops. To get to the Archipiélago Hut (2.3 km from the trailhead) it is necessary to deviate 950 m from the main trail shared by both Loops, it is considered part of the Circuito Chico Loop.

The Circuito Grande Loop includes two huts, Playa Quetro, the furthest, located 7.8 km from the trailhead, near the northwestern tip of the Peninsula and Dos Bahías hut (5.7 km from the trailhead), which is reached by a 800 m access trail which leaves the southwest corner of the main trail.


Huts & tent sites in Península Belgrano