The Lagos Escondidos trekking network in Perito Moreno National Park consists of ninety kilometers of recently built trails, designed with gentle grades and sustainable design principals, in three areas of the park, Peninsula Belgrano, the Rio Lacteo Valley and the Azara sector. Additionally, the park offers another ten kilometers of historic trails with overlooks including Cerro Leon, La Condorera and Lago Burmeister.

Day hikes can be completed by most people in one day.
Some of these trails have the option for overnight stay in huts or tent sites. These trails are indicated with an asterisk, please make reservations ahead of time for huts and tent sites.

Family friendly day hike:

Other day hikes:

These trekking routes average from two to five days depending on length and ability of the hikers. Huts and back country tent sites are located at key locations along the trail and distances between huts are never greater than 15 km. Please create an itinerary appropriate for your experience and physical ability and carry the appropriate equipment. All huts and tent sites must be reserved ahead of time to ensure there is space for everyone.

Multi-day hikes: